Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Kaizen Ferro Cast’s Vision is to attain global leadership in manufacture of high quality cast iron engineering parts. We will strive to delight our customers through providing world-class parts by continuously improving people, processes and products.


All our actions are directed to:

  • Provide a safe living environment for people directly and indirectly using our products.
  • Inspire people to live a technologically advanced and easy life, by supplying well researche product solutions than just parts.
  • Creating value of our brand through consistent up gradations in our people, products and processes.


  • People - We would focus on improving efficiency of people by regular on and off the job training. We will also maintain a harmonious environment for people to flourish beyond their belief.
  • Products - Constant research and close tie–ups with market operators will help us in developing new and improved products.
  • Processes - Consistent search for new technologies will enable us to innovate and create a better Kaizen Ferro Casr every year.